Ruby … A Journey of Courage on the Road of Losing More Than 450 lbs.
Ruby has appeared several times on countless television & radio programs worldwide, Oprah, 20/20, The Today show, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, The Rachael Ray Show, Regis & Kelly, Bonnie Hunt, E, Entertainment tonight, DayStar, Paula White, and so many others. Her story has been featured in many publications, including People, In Touch, OK, E Entertainment, TV Guide and Lifestyle magazines. Ruby’s TV show was nominated for an Emmy Award & won a Gracie Award for The Most Inspirational Reality Show on TV.

Ruby has appeared on Christian television and radio, including CBN and FamilyNet, Christian women’s conferences, Christian sports events, and church services. Ruby has been speaking all around the world on healthy living, addiction, motivating people to pursue their God given dreams, to fight and live your passion. After hearing Ruby or just speaking with Ruby your life is changed. She thanks the Lord for every opportunity to boldly proclaim her faith and share her personal journey of faith and health in order to inspire others and tell them to start living their lives now.

Audiences from Australia to the United Kingdom to middle America adore Ruby. They are uniquely drawn to her – and when she has the opportunity to stand on stage in front of a live audience she gives the glory to God and shares with her adoring fans how important it is to be healthy and live their God given destiny today!!

Ruby Gettinger was born in Azores, Portugal while her dad was station there in the
US Air Force. Ruby’s parents are Mr & Mrs James Edward Gettinger. She is the youngest of 4 kids. Ruby travels all over, but now lives in Savannah, Georgia.

At her highest weight of over 700 pounds, with diabetes, enlarge heart and an addiction to food, Ruby Gettinger determined that she would begin her own journey to health through exercise and healthy eating. Ruby began videotaping her journey simply as a personal record of her progress and as self motivation. She never dreamed this would lead to a reality TV show watched by millions worldwide.

Ruby has motivated countless fans to begin their own journeys, overcoming obesity and other issues. To date, Ruby has lost over 400 pounds. Certainly not easy but so worth it – for the sake of her own health and for the positive impact on the lives of others.

Ruby’s passion is God and people, Ruby feels blessed that her reality show inspires and motivates people around the world. Her bubbly, outgoing personality and positive attitude have always inspired her friends and family, and now her reality TV show has given Ruby a platform that she never could have anticipated. Not only is her TV show an inspiration to viewers, but it has opened doors to share her story in front of ‘live audiences.’ Ruby’s testimony is motivational to everyone who will listen, whether or not weight is their ‘issue.’

The Ruby show…


Hi y’all, A month ago these sweet girls Kimberly, McKenna, Melissa, Sarah started a group to “bring the Ruby show back”.    They truly touched my heart.  WOW!  I’ve been reading all your comments about what our show meant to

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Warning…watch at your own discretion

1-Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 12.58.45 PM


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Exclusive…Ruby Gettinger with Georgia & Jeff


Ruby talks with Georgia & Jeff about where she is now, what she is doing, about her show, movie…

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Come join us…

Come join us :)

    for more info please click HERE

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I just got off the phone w/ y’all. I enjoyed our phone call with Challenge Champion Kaelin Tuell & Olympian Nancy Drole &…


Ruby Gettinger Hi y’all, I just got off the phone w/ y’all. I enjoyed our phone call with Challenge Champion Kaelin Tuell & Olympian Nancy Drole & all of you!!! I can never say thank you enough for all your prayers,

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I started out weighing over 750 pounds. I …


Hi y’all, I was just challenged to lose 10lbs w/#Project10- watch my video …HERE FYI… We are in the middle of choosing the 3 now you will know soon…HERE Maybe I shouldn’t have weighed after my birthday :-0 OH!  BTW…Yes!!! I

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Stop right now!!! xoxo, Ruby


“We are all tied together in a single garment of destiny… An inescapable network of mutuality… I can never be what I ought to be until you are allowed to be what you ought to be.” – Martin Luther King,

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I am on the last leg of my journey. It has been a journey of ups and downs,…

1-Hacky new years

    Now that I have your attention… I am on the last leg of my journey.  It has been a journey of ups and downs, victories and failures. Many days I’ve been a champion in the ring, but other days

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“2014″ A NEW year, A NEW beginning…to finish…


“2014″ A NEW year, A NEW beginning…to finish what we started, to start over again, to make our impossible POSSIBLE, to make our dreams, desires into reality, to write a NEW chapter in our lives, to make our move even

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Do not not waste anymore time on trying to get someone to see your worth.


Do not get caught up in society,  do not try to become someone else or what someone thinks you should be.  Today realize your enough.   You are strong,  your amazing,  you can do the impossible.   Do not waste

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